Data Contributor Certification Underway

As Science-i continues to grow in membership of both data contributors and data users, we recently launched Data Contributor Certification – a process to confirm contributors of ground-sourced forest inventory data across our team.

This certification will facilitate team-wide research collaboration in two ways:

  • For data users and research project organizers, this certification will allow you to identify data contributors for team building – an important component of your research project;  
  • For data contributors, this certification acknowledges your data contribution status, and associates you with the number & locations of the sample plots in your datasets. This will promote your participation in more ongoing research projects.

It is very simple to identify Certified Data Contributors in Science-i. To do so, please log in to Science-i, and click to see your own profile. You are a Certified Data Contributor if you have a “white tick inside a blue circle” marked next to your name (see the screenshot below).

Please contact us if:

You are not certified, but you have already contributed data to Science-i or GFBI;

You are not certified, but you would like to contribute data.

 Science-i Service Team

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