Data Contributor Certification Underway

As Science-i continues to grow in membership of both data contributors and data users, we recently launched Data Contributor Certification – a process to confirm contributors of ground-sourced forest inventory data across our team. This certification will facilitate team-wide research collaboration in two ways: For data users and research project organizers, this certification will allow […]

Science-i on Strava

We are glad to launch Science-i on Strava! Please join us in running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, skiing, etc. Let’s challenge each other, help each other, and have fun! Our first challenge is to accumulate 5,000km in running distance and 10,000km in cycling. This challenge aims to increase the participation of underrepresented biodiversity scientists.

Science-i starts Client Survey 2022

Science-i service team members are starting to conduct #client_survey through brief 30-minute virtual and in-person interview sessions. The main goal for this interview is for us to get a better understanding of the #disconnection between communities, data users, and data providers, how this has or has not posed an obstacle to your #research_collaborations, and how […]