Data contribution

Geographic distribution of ~1.4 million forest inventory sample plots in the Science-i global database (v.Feb2023). 

You can contribute any type of data to be shared and used in Science-i research projects. In case your data will be used in a project, you will be invited to participate in this project as a co-author.  All the contributed data will be kept confidential, and will be used for the study that the contributor has approved. 

If you have forest inventory data from repeated measurements, please visit our Special Call for Data 2022.

Contributing data to Science-i takes only a few simple steps:

  1. Compile your data in a single file (e.g. csv, xlsx, or shp). For forest inventory data, please compile your data in the Science-i/GFB2 template (downloadable from here);

  2. For datasets smaller than 10MB, you can send the file via the following webform;

  3. For datasets larger than 10MB, please transfer your file using this Dropbox secure link;

  4. Email a metadata (see this link for example) to Jingjing Liang <jjliang at>.