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October 1, 2022 @ Sciencei team

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Top News

Please join us for our Science-i Global Webinar
(Globinar) Series 2022 “Empower the Under-Represented in Forest Science.”

There are two major benefits of participating in this year’s

1) Converse and collaborate
with our distinguished guest speakers

2) Coauthor a whitepaper
entitled ‘Empower the Under-Represented in Forest Science,‘ to be
published in a top academic journal.

All events@10:00-11:30am EST (4:00-5:30pm CET)

October 11, 2022

Bryan Van Stippen, Director,
National Indian Carbon Coalition

October 25, 2022

Rocio Condor, Forestry
Officer, FAO

Marcela Olguin, GHG
Technical Expert, SilvaCarbon

Maricarmen Ruiz,
REDD+ Expert, FAO Latin America

Javier G P Gamarra,
International Consultant in Forestry Statistics

November 8, 2022

Patti Carroll, Sr. Strategist, Amazon Web Services

November 15, 2022

Bianca Lopez, Editor, Science Magazine


Details and registration: https://science-i.org/s-i-globinar  


We have completed one Science-i project since July 2022


Co-limitation toward lower latitudes shapes global forest diversity gradients
-PI: J Liang, C Hui
-Project completed and paper published in Nature Ecology & Evolution
-Link to the publication

Ongoing Projects

There are 8 ongoing projects with open invitation to data contributors and other co-authors. Data needed are highlighted in purple. For non-data contributors, please indicate your potential contribution to the study when applying for access.


PI: X. Zhou, J. Liang

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, one measurement. 

Data compilation under way.

Global patterns of mycorrhizal dominance shaped tree species diversity

PI: X. Pu, Z, Wang, J. Liang

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, one measurement. 

Manuscript under development

Tree diversity & glacial extinction effects

PI: J. Adams

Accepting new coauthors. Data: Eurasia, North America, one measurement. 

Data compilation under way.

Productivity of Timberderived forest logging residues

PI: W. Liu, J. Liang

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, one measurement. 

Manuscript under development

Global evergreen vs. deciduous forests

PI: Y. Zhou, T. Crowther

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, one measurement. 

Study under development

Migration of global boreal forest under global climate change

PI: W. Luo, J. Liang

Accepting new coauthors. Data: pan-boreal, one measurement. 

Manuscript under development

Forest mycorrhizal composition and productivity

PI: S. Luo

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, one measurement. 

Manuscript under development

Mapping global forest carbon dynamics with AI

PI: J Liang, N, Harris

Accepting new coauthors. Data: global, repeated measurements. 

Study under preparation

Dynamic Vegetation Model for Australia

PI: B Medlyn, L Williams, J Liang

Data complete. Data: Australia, repeated measurements. 

Manuscript under preparation

Welcome new members!

Sciencei welcomes the following new members who have joined since June 2022:

Alexander Bondarev( Russia)
Adam Daigneault()
Aziz Ebrahimi( USA)
Anibal Cuchietti( Argentina)
Anika Staccone( USA)
Aaron Thompson( USA)
Belinda Medlyn( Australia)
Bryan Pijanowski(USA)
Catherine Waite()
David Gibbs( USA)
Diana Evans(USA)
Jonathan Adams( China)
Gherardo Chirici( Italia)
Gary Burniske( USA)
Heidi Arola( USA)
Erhan Huang(China)
Jochen Schöngart()
Jörg Müller( Deutschland)
Jin Xu( USA)
KASSI Justin N’Dja()
Dmitry Kucher( Russia)
Liudmila Mukhortova( Россия)
Laura Williams( Australia)
Laura Marqués( Switzerland)
Leonid Krivobokov( Russia)
Lethicia Flavine FEUNANG NGANMEGNI()
Moses Libalah( Cameroon)
Lindsey Sloat( USA)
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Rizwan Karim(China)
Robson Lima( Brazil)
Ruben Valbuena()
Saroj Kandel( Nepal)
Shiva Khanal( Nepal)
Snehalatha Vadigi(India)
Susan Cook-Patton( USA)
Kristina Anderson-Teixeira( USA)
Thomas Brandeis( USA)
Timo Domisch()
Viola Heinrich( UK)
Yibiao Zou( Switzerland)
Xinyi Zhou( USA)


Sciencei thanks our new
Science Advisors and Community
Advisors for their service and guidance!

Science Advisors

Constant Yves Adou Yao (Côte d’Ivoire)
Thomas Crowther (Swizterland)
Jingyun Fang (China)
Javier G.P. Gamarra (Italy)
Nancy Harris (USA)
Bruno Hérault (Côte d’Ivoire)
Martin Herold (Germany)
Cang Hui (South Africa)
Nicolas Picard (France)
Jens-Christian Svenning (Denmark)
Nadezhda M. Tchebakova (Russia)

Community Advisors

Meredith Bastian (USA)
Rocio Condor (Italy)
Irié Casimir Zo-Bi (Côte d’Ivoire)
Musingo Tito E. Mbuvi (Kenya)
Florence Palla (Cameroon)
Bryan Van Stippen (USA)

* Any new Science-i project must secure at least two advisors’ support before being advertised across the team