Science-i Global Webinar Series 2023

Whitepaper Guideline

Continuing from Science-i Globinar 2022, we invite all attendees of 2023 Globinar series to contribute to and co-author in our whitepaper on empowering the under-represented in forest science. We will seek to publish this whitepaper in a leading academic journal.

This whitepaper will be produced from the scripts of the engaging conversation and dialogue on the topic, between the audiences and guest speakers. All participating audiences are invited to submit, via email to Jingjing Liang, the following items (with references):

  • Major hurdles faced by African researchers, such as data availability, a lack of connection, a lack of computing power, etc.;
  • Major difficulties encountered by African communities from a lack of research on topics such as climate change, forest management, forest conservation, and ecological restoration;
  • Other related items.

To ensure full consideration, please submit your writing within one week after the final Globinar (April 5th, 2023). 

Although many scientific communities across the world are improving their diversity, equity, and inclusion, forest science continues to struggle with workforce diversity. To address this disparity, we founded Science-i in 2022 as an international research hub to empower underrepresented communities in global research and knowledge co-production. However, questions still remain on:

  • ØHow can a researcher obtain global data?
  • ØHow can a researcher acquire expert support on the design, execution, and implementation of their research?
  • ØHow can a researcher be supported by high-performance computing?

Science-i Global Webinar Series 2023 March-April invites all global and Purdue audiences to join our guest speakers from Africa in exploring answers to these questions, and conversing on the topic ‘Forest Inventory Data Sharing and Associated Forest Research in Africa.’

Each webinar will take 90 minutes, with the following structure:

  1. 1.(15 minutes) A keynote talk by the invited speaker;
  2. 2.(15 minutes) A brief talk by the moderator(s);
  3. 3.(60 minutes) A conversation and Q&A session for the audience 

Dr. Mbuvi Musingo

Deputy Director Forest Research

Support Services and Chief Research Scientist

Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

March 23rd, Thursday

8pm East Africa Time / 7pm Central Africa Time / 6pm West Africa Time / 6pm CET / 1pm ET

Dr. Florence Palla

Coordinatrice du Projet RIOFAC
Observatoire des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale
Secrétariat Exécutif de la COMIFAC, Yaoundé, Cameroun

March 27th, Monday

6pm East Africa Time / 5pm Central Africa Time / 4pm West Africa Time / 4pm CET / 11am ET

Dr. Chemuku Wekesa

Landscape Ecologist
Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

April 5th, Wednesday

5pm East Africa Time / 4pm Central Africa Time / 3pm West Africa Time / 3pm CET / 10am ET


Desmond Sosu Mensah

MSc. Student, FACAI Lab, Purdue University

Ankita Mitra

PhD. Student, FACAI Lab, Purdue University

Jean Fritz Saint Preux

MSc. Student, FACAI Lab, Purdue University

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