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Pandemics and deforestation

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    Jingjing Liang

    Welcome to Ensemble Café!

    Here is a quick idea- do we have recent spatio-temporal data of global pandemics? With deforestation data worldwide, we can study, using spatio-temporal models, the effect of deforestation on pandemics. Any suggestions or questions?

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    I don’t know whether we have data on forest loss or natural disasters or planned harvesting, these areas are difficult to separate in the short term. Or maybe I am wrong?

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    Jingjing Liang

    I guess all forms of forest losses, regardless of its causes (natural vs. human), have impact on pandemics.

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    Some changes resulted from planned activities, planned before the pandemic and some were accidental or related to extreme events, which resulted in forest losses – storms, outbreaks or floods. The question is how can we link this to the pandemic?

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