Special Call for Data 2022

Special Call for Data - remeasured forest inventory records

Would you like to join us in many exciting research studies in Science-i, including the projection of global forest carbon dynamics with high precision?  

We are now calling for remeasured forest inventory data – the data from plots that have been measured repeatedly. In other words, we need tree-level records showing how much each tree on a sample plot has grown in DBH from Year1 (e.g. 2000) to Year2 (e.g. 2020), and how much recruitment and mortality have occurred during this period.

Benefits of sharing your data:

  1. We will keep all data strictly confidential and for the use of your approved project(s) only,
  2. You are directly supporting fellow forest scientists, and many of them from under-represented communities worldwide, 
  3. You will be invited to be a co-author of all the associated research papers,
  4. Data coordinator who helps secure multiple data contributors will be invited as a senior author,
  5. You will be eligible to receive support from our global data resources for your own research project.

Our call for data is targeted at several mandatory attributes (click the template below for details).


Contributing this type of data to Science-i takes only a few simple steps:

  1. Compile your data in a single datasheet, and save it into a csv or xlsx file. You can download our data template by clicking on the screenshot above;

  2. For datasets smaller than 10MB, you can send the file via email to Dr. Jingjing Liang <jjliang at purdue.edu> (please add ‘GFB3’ in the dataset name, following by your name and country, e.g. GFB3_Adam_USA);

  3. For datasets larger than 10MB, please email Dr. Jingjing Liang <jjliang at purdue.edu>, and ask for a secure data transfer link;

  4. Email a metadata (see this link for example) to Dr. Jingjing Liang <jjliang at purdue.edu>.