Jingyun Fang

Prof. Fang is a Boya Chair professor at Peking University, and the President of Yunnan University. He obtained his PhD in biology field in Osaka City University (Japan) in 1989. 

Prof. Fang’s study covers a range of global ecology, vegetation ecology, plant stoichiometry, and ecological remote sensing. He has developed a suite of methods and empirical models for estimating biomass and soil carbon stocks and the changes for China’s ecosystems, and completed a full evaluation on carbon budget of global forests; he spent nearly 30 years to perform a systematic survey on plant communities across China’s mountains, and established the world’s largest database for all the 11405 woody plants in China; and he has also explored large-scale patterns of plant nutrient elements, and proposed several hypotheses on nutrient balance and production of plants. 

Prof. Fang has been the member of editorial board for many journals, such as Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Ecography, and Ecosystems. He was selected the member of CAS in 2005, and the member of TWAS in 2008. In 2019, he won the Whittaker Distinguished Ecologist Award (ESA). To date, he has published about 410 peer-reviewed papers, with a total of >48000 citations and h-index of 105.

Contact: jyfang@urban.pku.edu.cn