Jens-Christian Svenning

Prof. Jens-Christian Svenning obtained his PhD in tropical plant community ecology from Aarhus University (AU) in 1999. He has been a full professor at Department of Biology, AU since 2009 and currently is the director of Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World (BIOCHANGE). His research integrates macroecology and biogeography with field-based ecology, remote sensing and paleoecology and socio-ecological systems, and has joint focus on fundamental questions with applied research in global change, conservation, restoration and sustainability science.

Prof. Svenning works on both plants and animals, but has special interest in megabiota, i.e., trees and megafauna. His work is global in scope, with long-term research foci not only in Europe, but also in Latin America, Africa and East Asia. He is the author of >450 peer-reviewed papers in international scientific journals as well as many other publications.

Contact: svenning at