Disentangling the response of forest structure to environmental drivers across tropical regions


Preliminary results unveil significant and strong relationships between environmental drivers and each forest structural component (with an average RMSE of 18%), whereas no or weak environmental influence was identified on AGC (with an average RMSE of 34%). Interestingly, we identified a strong influence (with an average RMSE of 8,2%) of soil properties (i.e. clay content and pH) and topography (i.e. elevation and slope) on the wood density weighted by basal area. These preliminary results highlight the necessity to further study the drivers of forest structural components across tropical regions. I look forward to further investigate and confirm those results using a larger and more comprehensive dataset thanks to new collaborations and Science-i. 

Pauline Depoortere


Hello everyone,

Many thanks to those who agreed to join the project.

You will find in the project documents a data template which describes in more detail the type of forest data desired (as in the project description, it is specified when the information is mandatory). More specifically, if the plot has been inventoried several times over years, if possible, give all inventories over the years (clearly specifying the year).

If your data are already registered in Science-i, no worries,  this table also allows more transparency on the type of information needed for tropical forests studies and will help the team of the Science-i service to prepare the data.


Pauline Depoortere